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Market Intelligence, Open-Source Intelligence, Education & Community for investors, analysts, engineers, and traders.

Our Mission Statement:

Democratizing Cyber, Crypto, & Financial Intelligence

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Market intelligence, cyber security, education & community SaaS for DIY analysts, engineers, traders, & investors. Learn central banking, on-chain analytics, open-source intelligence, and a like minded mission-oriented community.

Eden Advisory Group

Information Advisory enabling business owners and investors with Web3 strategies, zero-trust crypto adoption, cloud security & strategy, market intelligence reports, monitoring geo-politics, and private business, networks, & events.


Click here to join an always free and open-source community - Synergy. We're dedicated to fostering community intelligence, enablement, and success. Don't feel stranded in your pursuits in polarized information environments.


Get Key information on the growing web3 economy, financial updates, and learn how to navigate, analyze, and obtain grounded confidence.
We have:
  • Trusted Cyber Partner
  • Confidential Stewards
  • Information Advisors
  • Zero-Trust Security
  • Operational Security

Yeetum Strategic Services

Our experts are providing and planning 24/7 on the latest cyber, market, and crypto intelligence via our community networks, analyst capabilities, and information collection methods.


Based on analysis, research, and feedback from our clients and community. An idea is born to investigate, improve, or synthesize.


Work through the targeted outcome. Hone in on industry, sources, and personnel needed to achieve outcome.

Implement & Repeat

Orient around objective with tailored information awareness. Syndicate outcome.

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