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Goliath AI Consulting

‍Cloud Infrastructure, Automation, and integration of Artificial Intelligence

Our Mission Statement:

Empowering startups with Artificial Intelligence technology through increased availability and education.

Goliath AI Consulting
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Goliath AI Consulting

We guide pre-seed startups in developing their projects from a plain idea, helping them with:
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Automation
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence
Get access to education and consulting you need to accelerate your startup.

Don't know where to start?

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We offer a 1 hour call where we analyze your business and give you an overview of the software and infrastructure you should use to make your product scalable and cost effective.

If you are just starting your business, during the call we can help you plan how you can build the technology around it.

• What software do I need to build my idea and to minimize costs?
• How many people should I hire?
• Does my Startup need a Cloud infrastructure, how much will it cost?
• How can I automate parts of my business?
• How can I integrate artificial intelligence to increase revenue?

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We can give you the best recommendations on Cloud Services such as database, storage, APIs, servers, networking and hosting.

We'll make sure your infrastructure is cost-effective scalable, resilient, and efficient.

Complete assistance on:
• Database and Storage services, minimize costs, scalability
• Cloud Security, firewalls and data protection options
• Search Engines, Content Delivery Networks, traffic management
• Networking, VPC, security groups,


integrate Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most in-demand software that exists at the moment. We can assist you choosing the right software for your business, install automations, and also guide you in how to integrate it in your product and use it

• Which artificial intelligence best suits my product?
• I want to build my own model
• Implementing Chatbots and automation
• Product recommendations
• Cloud deployment
• How to create content with Generative AI


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